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April 8, 2019
Monthly meeting minutes

Twin Rivers Old Iron Association monthly meeting was held at 7:30 PM April 8, 2019 at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill. The meeting was called to order by President Glennis Stern with 28 members present. The Pledge to the Flag was led by President Stern and the opening prayer was offered by Myron Sonne.

The minutes from the March 11, 2019 monthly meeting were read by Secretary George Sandhoff. With no corrections a motion was made by Harry Guthmiller, seconded by Jim Grosz to approve the minutes as read. Motion carried.
Mike Fechner gave the treasure’s report. With no corrections, a motion by Rich Luebke seconded by Austin Miiller to accept the report as presented. Motion carried.

Old Business:
Tax Status: The 501 3 c Tax Exempt Status has been approved. Thank you to attorney Kenny Cotton and the committee: Mike and Lila Fechner, Myron Sonne, Jerry Heinert and Joel Baier for their work.

Tractor Drive: With club discussion a motion by George Sandhoff, seconded by Rich Luebke to have the drive June 1st starting in Parkston with the Parkston Summerfest. Dan Kurtenbach and Bryan Neugebauer volunteered to help Ron Globke and Larry Varilek determine the route. More updates later. See Flyer.

Leg: Dan Kurtenbach and Bryan Neugebauer are working on the project with materials and ideas for setting up the grain leg on the farm. They will update the club in May.

Kitchen: Myron Sonne is checking to see if the glass is still available for the walking ramp on the north side of the kitchen. He will contact Glennis Stern once he finds out.

New Business:

Meeting time: It was discussed to keep the monthly meeting times at 7:30 for summer.

Trees: Jim Grosz will check trees for winter kill. He will update at the next meeting

Sump: The sump pump in the house has been reset by Jim Grosz and George Sandhoff. Ron Koenig is monitoring the line to make sure they remain hooked up.

Yard: President Stern asked for volunteers to spray the yard. With a lot of discussion no one volunteered. We may need to contact a commercial sprayer.

Damage: Flood damage created wash outs on a couple of culverts. Rich Luebke thought his township might have some culverts. Glennis Stern will make contact with the Township Board.

Donation: President Stern announced that the Allan Villmow family will donate new steel siding on the west half of the Villmow Shed to match the addition. A big thank you to the family for this donation

With no further business a motion by Myron Sonne, seconded by Ron Koenig to adjourn the meeting at 9:00. The next monthly meeting will be 7:30 PM Monday May 13, 2019 at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill. The phone line will be used.
Respectfully submitted
George Sandhoff, Recording Secretary

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