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TROIA Monthly Meeting Minutes-March 9, 2020

Twin Rivers Old Iron Association monthly meeting was held at 7:30 PM at the Delmont Legion Hall with 20 members present. The meeting was called to order by President Glennis Stern. The Pledge to the Flag was led by President Stern and the opening prayer was offered by Rich Luebke. President Stern introduced the board members and positions for 2020. Glennis Stern President, Rich Luebke, V. President, George Sandhoff Secretary, Mike Fechner Treasurer, and Directors Jim Grosz, Brian Weisser, and Austin Miiller. The minutes from the February 10, 2020 monthly meeting were recorded and read by George Sandhoff. With no corrections Allan Villmow made a motion seconded by Harry Guthmiller to accept as read. Motion carried. Mike Fechner gave the treasure’s report. With no corrections, Rich Luebke made the motion to accept, seconded by Ron Koenig. Motion carried.

Old Business

· Red Power Roundup National Show: Myron Sonne reserved a 25 x 48’ spot for the show in Huron for June 25-27. The club will need help with this event. The club will receive updates in coming meetings. From February 10, 2020 minutes: Request from SD IHC Chapter 21: A Board member from SD IHC Chapter 21 asked Jay if our club or anyone had any IHC tools for a tool board display or IH stationary engines for display (or other rare stationary engines) for the Red Power Roundup Show. Contact Jay for additional information. (605-770-3112)

· School House: Weather and ground conditions and contact from mover. More updates later.

· Grilling Shed: A small portable car shed needs moving when weather permits. We will need help and a trailer. More information will be coming, and the phone line will be used.

· Sheep barn: July storm and wind damage: Considering tinning entire building instead of partial. Jim Grosz will contact contractors for an estimated cost. Update at next meeting.

New Business

· Barbed Wire Display: Alvin Kangas contacted Glennis Stern. He will do a barbed wire display board for the upcoming farm show. He is waiting for the wire from Kelly Stern. Thanks Alvin and Kelly.

· Driveway: President Stern suggested putting in a new approach on the west end of the property line to divert the truck/tractor/heavy equipment traffic away from the main entrance to the yard. He checked with and received approval from the Douglas County Commissioners if the club decides to proceed. We would need fill dirt and a culvert (size dependent upon Douglas County Commissioners recommendations).

· Pedal Tractor: The club would like to sell raffle tickets for a toy IHC pedal tractor during the Red Power Roundup National Show June 25-27 in Huron. Tickets will have to be made. Brian Neugebauer made a motion to do the raffle and to purchase an IHC pedal tractor, seconded by Jim Grosz. Motion carried.
Brian Weisser in charge of finding the pedal tractor.

· Election: President Stern brought up that Brian Weisser (absent from this monthly meeting) voiced (at the March Board Meeting held on 3-5-2020) an idea about changing the board of directors’ roles annually or every two years to change the responsibilities of the roles. After discussion, members of the club in attendance voiced to keep the structure as is. Any change would require a change in the by-laws.

· Show Cards: Brian Weisser will add the farmhouse and summer kitchen to the card before the next printing.

· Advertisement: Jay Larson listed our show date at a tractor machinery paper in TractorShed.com. He received a call from a family in Utah asking about the show. This is evidence that people do read magazines. Thanks Jay


· Committee Duties: President Stern passed around the Twin River Old Iron Chairperson Committee list for the upcoming year. A few examples include parking, demonstrations, parade, petting zoo, and other numerous listings. A few volunteers present at the meeting did sign up while others absent from the meeting received nomination. Update at the next meeting.

With no additional business, a motion to adjourn at 8:30 was made by Rich Luebke, seconded by Jay Larson.

Club Dues: If you have not paid your annual $25 club dues yet checks can be made out to TROIA and sent to Mike Fechner at 28466 401st Street, Delmont, SD 57330 Thank you for your support.

Tractor Drive: Tentatively date Saturday June 13, 2020. Contact Dan Kurtenbach (770-7182) or Bryan Neugebauer (933-0675) for more information

HELP NEEDED-for upcoming sheep barn repair. Phone line will be used when the project is scheduled. THANK YOU!

George Sandhoff-Recording Secretary

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