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Twin Rivers Monthly Meeting Minutes 
June 11th, 2018
20 members present at the Black Sheep Bar and Grill

Old business:
 Last monthís minutes read 
Harry Guthmiller made a motion to approve the minutes which was seconded by Austin Miiller.
Money is still coming in for planted trees, almost half of the money is collected. ($952 collected)
Motion to approve the treasurerís report by Vern Kraft which was seconded by Ron Koenig. 
5013C is still in process.
Looking for options on a door for the Fischer building.
June 23rd is set for a work day at the farm, the phone tree will be used as a reminder of this date. 
Steve Gundrum will be doing the plumbing work on bathrooms. 
Andy Spaans will be providing a tour of antiques and tractors at the building behind Tractor Supply in Mitchell. This will take place July 9th at 7pm along with our monthly meeting. Ladies are welcome. If you are interested in this tour please call Dan Kurtenbach. His phone number is 605-770-8181. Motioned by Austin Miiller seconded by Myron Sonne.
The Geddes Tractor Drive is scheduled for June 17th we are urging all members to attend. 

New Business:
Brian Neugebauer is going to confirm what day of the fall festival Dylan Monson will be doing his drone demonstration. This will be decided by the next meeting. 
Jim Grosz has a price of $1,380 for rain gutters for the Vilmow shed. He has also purchased a tank to water trees for $200. Motioned by Myron Sonne seconded by Dennis Stahlecker.
Some type of funding for rain gutters on the Vilmow shed is needed, whether it be contribution of members or extending the bank note. 
Cement bids for the Vilmow shed came in:
Weidenbach Construction: $9,196
Wagner Building Supply: $8,840

Two culverts 18 inches in diameter have been donated to the club. 
Jay Larson wants to know if the club will be attending the Corn Palace Parade on July 21st. Motion made by Brian Neugebauer to attend seconded by Austin Miiller. 
Myron Sonne mentioned a McCormick Deering Combine for sale in a salvage yard for approximately $400 if the club is interested. 
Myron Sonne has a milk cooler and plans on donating it to the club. 
Don Schelskeís granddaughters will sing the national anthem at the fall festival. 
Austin Miiller made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Ron Koenig

Meeting Minutes submitted by Brian Weisser.

Thank you to all who participated in the tractor drive held June 2nd.  The trip went well.  Tractors, vehicles, and people who rode the people hauler came from Tabor, Tyndall, Ethan, Parkston, Mitchell, Geddes, Lake Andes, Delmont, Tripp, Sioux Falls and Marion. The group stopped at Henry Hochstetlerís Amish family farm near Tripp, lunch at the park in Tripp.  Following lunch the group stopped at the Tripp Lake.  (Ray C. DeWald said he took swimming lessons at Tripp Lake a few years ago when the beach was sandy).  The tractors then drove to Bitterman Sandpit.  Dave Bitterman shared with the group the history of the pit and showed many fossils found while digging.  The group then stopped at Greenwood Colony.  Many colony members enjoyed the equipment and asked if we would be coming back next year.  The tractors returned to Delmont at 4:30.  

The next meeting is scheduled for July 9 at 7 PM at the Andy Spaans Antique and Tractor Shed behind the TSC building in Mitchell, SD. For more information call Dan Kurtenbach at 605-770-8181.
Donít forget the upcoming consignment sale scheduled for August 18 at the Delmont farm.  Any questions contact:
Maurice Bueber at 605-661-2734
Jerry Stoebner at 605-661-2404.
Harvest Festival is scheduled for Saturday/Sunday September 8-9th 
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