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TROIA Monthly Meeting Minutes-June 8, 2020

Twin Rivers Old Iron Association monthly meeting
was held at 7:30 PM at the Black Sheep Bar and Grill
with 21 members present.

The meeting was called to
order by President Glennis Stern. The Pledge to the
Flag was led by President Stern and the opening prayer
was offered by Myron Sonne. The minutes from the
May 11, 2020 monthly meeting were recorded by Brian
Weisser and read by George Sandhoff. With one
correction, the price quote of $120 per post x 9 posts
was not put as a motion because we as a club will do
the project ourselves. With no additional corrections
Dennis Stahleker made a motion seconded by Bryan
Neugebauer to accept the corrected minutes. Motion

Mike Fechner gave the treasure’s report.
With no corrections, Myron Sonne made the motion to
accept, seconded by Robert Wuertzer. Motion carried.

Old Business

• Sheep Barn: Jim Grosz reported on the sheep barn repair. He talked to the contractors and said it would be about 2-3 weeks before they could start. Also, the posts on the North wall need repair.

• Crops: The crops are planted, sowed, sprayed, rocks picked and the yard mowed.

• Grilling Shed: The 12 x 16 shed has been moved. We are looking for a location to tie down or make it portable. The moving project went well.

• Culverts: We need to replace two culverts in the yard. Culverts have been found. We need help with the instillation. Weather has held up completion of the project.

• Schoolhouse: We are waiting for a phone call from the mover. The club members discussed if railroad ties or concrete should be used for the foundation. The kitchen has been sitting on
railroad ties for at least 10+ years with no problems. With discussion regarding cost of concrete over railroad ties the president asked for a motion. Jerry Koch make a motion to use
railroad ties, seconded by Ron Koenig. Motion carried.

New Business

• Kitchen: We are in process of installing new windows and putting steel siding on the South wall of the kitchen.

• Racks: Table and chair racks are done and in the Villmow shed.

• Fund Raiser: Myron submitted completed grant applications to several organizations asking for financial assistance with the schoolhouse project.  All were denied because the requests did not meet their specific grant guidelines. He was thinking that we could ask for donations through Facebook using a GoFundMe page. This might work because it would put the word out that we
have the Pearly Mound District # 90 schoolhouse that was located West of Tripp ready for moving to the farm. There may be family ties to the school that might encourage donations in
memory of loved ones.

• Farm Show: The president opened discussion regarding having the Fall Harvest Festival in September as planned or cancelling the event for this year due to COVID-19. After discussion by
the members present, Dennis Stahleker made a motion to proceed with the Festival as scheduled, seconded by Austin Miiller. Motion carried.

With no additional business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 with a motion by Dennis Stahleker, seconded by Vernon Kraft. Motion carried
Thanks to Lila Fechner for providing lunch following the meeting.
Thanks to all those who helped with the farm projects thus far.
Respectfully submitted by Secretary George Sandhoff.

Club Dues: If you have not paid your annual $25 club
dues yet checks can be made out to TROIA and sent to
Mike Fechner at 28466 401st Street, Delmont, SD
57330 Thank you for your support.
Next meeting is scheduled for July 13 at 7:30 PM.
Phone line will be used.
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