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Twin Rivers Old Iron monthly meeting was held at 7:30 PM March 11, 2019 at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill. The meeting was called to order by President Glennis Stern with 26 members present. The Pledge to the Flag and the opening prayer was said by Richard Luebke.
The minutes from the November 12, 2018 monthly meeting were read by Secretary George Sandhoff. With no corrections a motion was made by Austin Miiller, seconded by Harry Guthmiller to approve the minutes. Motion carried.
Mike Fechner gave the treasure’s report. With a few questions and no corrections, a motion by Jon Bueber seconded by Allen Villmow to accept the report as presented. Motion carried.

Old Business:
Restroom Debt: We have several investors and donators who come forth to assist with the restroom debt load. If you are interested in investing or donating to the project please call Mike Fechner 770-0851 or Glennis Stern 933-1770.
501 3 c Tax Exempt Status: All required paperwork has been submitted and Mike Fechner is waiting for confirmation of approval.
Christmas Party: There were about 85 people in attendance. Thank you to the Black Sheep Bar & Grill for providing an excellent meal. The party and the auction went well. Also thank you to the auctioneers, band, those who donated, bid, and purchased auction items. It was a fun time.

New Business:
Election: President Stern opened up nominations for two 3-year positions: Mike Fechner and Jim Grosz’s position is up. With no response from club members present, Jay Larson asked if Mike and Jim would be opposed to staying on in their current positions. Jim and Mike had no response. Jay Larson made a motion to have Mike and Jim stay on for another 3-year term; seconded by Allan Villmow. Motion carried.

Kitchen: Jim Grosz received a note from Myron Sonne on window panes from old store front for possible use on north wall covering the serving ramp in the kitchen. This work will be done when we upgrade the siding and serving ramp on the kitchen.

Drag Saw: Myron Sonne contacted Royce Hetland. Royce is still working on the drag saw. The fuel vaporizer is still not working right. If anyone has any knowledge on this contact Myron. Royce has had some health problems so please keep him in your prayers.

Farm Show: Jim Grosz has been ordering buttons and ribbons for the show for the last several years. He has a photo of one of his tractors for the show button. A motion by Austin Miiller, seconded by Bryan Neugebauer to use the photo and go ahead and order the buttons and ribbons for the show. Motion carried.

Consignment Sale: Discussion was held regarding having a 2019 consignment sale with Bueber Stoebner Auction. George Sandhoff will contact Maurice Bueber and Jerry Stoebner for input. Will update at the next meeting.

Tractor Drive: Larry Varilek and Ron Globke are working on the annual tractor drive this year. With club member discussion a possible date of Saturday June 9 was selected. An update will come at the next meeting.

Grain Leg: Dan Kurtenbach and Bryan Neugebauer located materials to cover the grain leg. A motion by Rich Luebke seconded by Jay Larson to have Dan and Bryan check with the supplier to see if the materials are still available. They will report back to the board.

Projects for 2019: Re-side and update the north walkway on the kitchen; finish Fischer building; finish scale; set up grain leg; work on water problems in the house basement; update the sheep building.

Social Media-Web-page: Jon Bueber at 770-5190 and Austin Miiller 933-0597 are working on keeping Facebook and our website updated. They need HELP from you. Please contact them with any information that should be included or changed. Also send photos of our featured equipment: Massy Harris/Massy Ferguson equipment to upload to the sites.

With no further business a motion by Rich Luebke, seconded by Mike Fechner to adjourn the meeting at 9:30.
The next monthly meeting will be 7:30 PM April 8, 2019 at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill. The phone line will be used.
Respectfully submitted
George Sandhoff, Recording Secretary
If you have not paid club dues yet, please send your $25.00 check to Mike Fechner at 28466 401st Ave, Delmont, SD. 57330
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