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Twin River’s Meeting Notes
● The meeting was held at Mike and Lila Fechner’s. Thirteen members were present, flag pledge and
prayer were said.
● The secretary report was read. Motion to accept secretary’s report by Dennis Stahleker and seconded
by Jim Grosz.
● Treasurer’s report was given and motion to accept by Dennis Stahleker, seconded by Ron Koenig.

Old Business

● There was a discussion on moving the schoolhouse. Mike from Oak Lane Colony has had health issues, so moving has been delayed. Myron Sonne has checked into funding for this project.

● We also discussed the sheep barn. Someone recommended to put a walk-through door and a 36” window on the west wall for $1900.00. Bob and Laura Weisz are offering to pay for this improvement.  The club also has the insurance money, totaling $4500.00 to fix the roof and the north wall. The poles
on the north side need replacing also. We have a price quote of $120.00 per post, totaling $980.00. Jim Grosz made a motion to accept Bob and Laura Weisz’s offer for helping to fix the sheep barn. This motion was seconded by Dennis Stahleker. The club will pay to fix the north wall and north side of the
roof. The insurance money will be used and the club will pay the balance. More details on this will be discussed at the next meeting.

New Business

● Roger Burbach is donating a 75 ft.x 45 ft. tarp to the club.
● A pedal tractor is being purchased for a fundraiser.
● Weeds have been sprayed around the farm buildings.
● The rocks have been picked on the farm ground!!
● The water is turned on at the farm.
● The two drag saws are being worked on and hopefully running soon.
● Black dirt needs to be hauled in to move the schoolhouse. The red barn is also in need of paint.

Fall Festival

● Thoughts about having our festival on time.
● Demonstrations can be held. We are trying to figure out handling the food and considering the use of plexiglass.
● We are looking for suggestions, everyone please be thinking of ideas to discuss at the next meeting. We need your input.

Motion by Ron Koenig to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mike Fechner.
 Submitted By: Brian Weisser
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