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The flag pledge and prayers were said with 20 members present at the Black Sheep Bar and Grill.  The secretaryís minutes were read.  A motion by Harry Guthmiller to approve the minutes was made, seconded by Austin Miller.

The treasurerís report was read and explained by Mike Fechner.  Rich Luebke made a motion to approve the treasurerís report and it was seconded by Ron Koenig.

Vern Kraft sent a thank you to the Armour high school band.  They have been invited back for next year.  The Tripp high school band has also been invited for next yearís event.  

Old Business:
*Trying to get the Fischer building closed in.
*Take out the furnace located in the house to stop the mold issue.
*Farm buildings are now winterized.
*Septic tanks levels have been checked and will be monitored periodically.
New Business:
*An old elevator leg could be donated by Craig Plagmann, if work could be done to get it out.  This depends if the club wants to proceed with it.  Brian Neugebauer made a motion to get it because it is unique.  It was seconded by Mike Fechner.

*A motion was made by Rich Luebke to have the Christmas party at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill, Delmont, SD.  It was seconded by Vern Kraft.  The board will pick the date for the party.

*The corn needs to be picked at the farm.

*The farm ground needs to be worked if there is time.

*The sheep shed needs to be re-arranged or straightened out.

*It has been suggested that the advertising committee have a two page handout.

*The dates for the 2019 festival are September 14th and 15th.  Featured tractors are Massey Harris and Massey Ferguson

*It has been suggested to have a generic poster ready to handout in early summer.

*In order to get younger people to attend the festival bounce houses will be looked into.

*More signs are needed for the restrooms. A motion by Myron Sonne and seconded by Jay Larson to have Jim Grosz take care of signs.

Buildings and People Responsible:


Sheep shed- George and Diane Sandhoff
House and summer kitchen- Jim and Jean Grosz
Sound system- Brian Weisser and John Bueber
Garage- Brian Neugebauer
Restrooms- Austin Miller
Barn- Executive Board
Petting Zoo-Shirley Weisser
Galvanized Barn- Dan Kurtenbach
Cattle Shed- Dan Kurtenbach
Bundle Shed- Allen Villmow
Villmow Shed- Allen Villmow
Kitchen- Ladies
Saw Mill- Keith VanDenHoek
Scale and Track- Larry Varilek
Bleachers- Rich Luebke
New Trees- Jim Grosz, Glennis Stern, George Sandhoff
Windmill-George Sandhoff
Yard Maintenance- Ron Koenig

A motion to adjourn was made my Austin Miller, seconded by Mike Fechner.

**At the next meeting a discussion will be held about the debt of $20,000 to build the bathrooms.

Submitted by Brian Weisser
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