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Twin Rivers Meeting Notes

October 9th, 2017 

Twin Rivers met on October 9th, 2017 at the community building during regular time, 8:00. 
The flag pledge was said by everyone and a short prayer by Jim Grosz.

Old business:
· Minutes were read from the last meeting and the motion to approve was by Ron Koening, seconded by Jim Grosz.
· Treasurers report was read and the motion to approve was done by Jay Larson, seconded by Jim Grosz. 
· Discussion on the Hay Slide was that it would be accepted, motion to get it in the near future was made by Austin Miller and seconded by Brian Neugebauer.
· The Hog House was discussed further and decided what type of foundation to use, either cement foundation or set down on wood timbers. Jay Larson made a motion to make a 4-foot concrete wall for the foundation and Austin Miller seconded this motion. 
· There are leftover supplies from the Fall Festival. (Pop, Chislic, Water) Anyone interested in these items should contact Glennis Stern for purchase. 
· It was suggested to pour concrete for the old scale that was donated by the Uherekas. This would be in the demonstration area. 
·   Our club’s 15th anniversary is in 2018. We are looking for suggestions to celebrate the upcoming year. 

New Business:
· Next year’s date for the Fall Festival is September 8th and 9th. Motion to accept the date was made by Austin Miller, Jim Grosz seconded the motion. 
· The club Christmas party is tentatively set for January 20th, 2018 in Tripp, SD at the dugout. Motion to accept the party date was made by Austin Miller, seconded by Jim Grosz. 
· Jean Grosz has taken inside pictures of the house for future reference and/or insurance purposes. 
· It was mentioned to plant more trees in the center of the yard. 
· The restroom facilities were mentioned. Discussion included what is the best way to do it. It was mentioned to form a small committee to explore the best options on this. 
· Volunteers for the Restroom Committee are Dale Bitterman, Mike Fechner, Brian Weisser, and Allen Vilmow. 
· Dale Bitterman said there could be matching funds from the Modern Woodman insurance company for the future restrooms. 
· Motion by Ron Koenig to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Harry Guthmiller. 

Notes submitted by Brian Weisser

Next Meeting November 13 at 7:30 PM Delmont Community Building

November Monthly Meeting
November 13, 2017
Delmont Community Building, Delmont, SD

Rivers Old Iron Monthly meeting at the Delmont Community Building in Delmont on November 13, 2017 at 7:30 PM with 30 members present. President Stern called the meeting to order with the Pledge to the Flag and a prayer said by Myron Sonne.

Minutes read from the October meeting read by Brian Weisser with no corrections. A motion by Harry Guthmiller and seconded by Ron Koenig. Motion carried.

Report read by Mike Fechner, with no corrections. A motion by Rich Luebke. Seconded by Robert Wuertzer. Motion carried.

Old Business:
Farm Scale: Concrete forms are in and waiting for concrete.

Mike Fechner is working on the 501-C3 with the committee and should be complete by the end of November. More updates later.

Christmas Party:
The 2017 Christmas Party scheduled for January 20, 2018, at noon at the Dugout in Tripp. More updates later, with invitations sent out.

Twin Rivers Old Iron Association is in its 15th year. We may be holding a special event for the anniversary. More updates later.

Featured equipment for 2018, with the club discussion, with J.I. Case Equipment. A motion by Austin Miiller, a second by Vernon Kraft, to feature J.I. Case Equipment for the 2018 show to be held September 8-9 at the Farm Show.

Hog Barn:
Fischer Building ready to be moved—waiting for Harvest to be done for helpers.

Planting trees in yard. Order from S.C.S. at the estimated cost of $20 per tree for 5-7 foot. Dan Kurtenbach shared with the group the idea of purchasing a tree in memory of family and friends, which would make a nice memorial. A motion by Rich Luebke and second by Vernon Kraft to have Glennis Stern order 12+ trees

The committee is working on different options and prices. Dale Bitterman, committee member, has made contact with Modern Woodman Insurance, with matching funds. Dale and committee members are working with paperwork with Modern Woodman. But the club has to hold a fund raiser to receive matching funds. With club discussion, a motion by Brian Weisser with a second by Bryan Neugebauer to hold a fundraiser in the Spring.

New Business:
Corn is picked. The crib is about 2/3 full. Picked with a John Deere Model 60 tractor, with a 237 picker and an IHC Model 300 tractor with an IHC pull-type corn picker. 4 hoist wagons and a John Deere elevator.

A shed for grilling and frying chislic—Dan Fechner said these units should be in a separate building to keep the smoke from displays and workers. Dan Kurtenbach and Bryan Neugebauer are looking at shed options. More updates later.

With no more business, meeting was adjourned at 9:30. Dave Hiles made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Vernon Kraft.

Next meeting scheduled for February 12, 2018 at Delmont Community Building @ 7:30 PM with club election.

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